About Us


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What We Do

For over 20 years, we have been supplying Georgia’s produce needs. We are one of the fastest growing wholesalers in the Southeast.

Our team has experience in the produce industry. We have a network with local farmers here in Georgia, as well as California, Texas, Mexico, and Canada.

We provide our customers the best quality and service.

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Our Mission

Give our customers the best service, the best quality, and at the best prices.

Let us show you the difference in partnering with a supplier who is committed to your satisfaction.

What We've Accomplished

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The Greenhouses

 Evans Growers has over 56 greenhouses located on 13 acres, they supply us with a variety of freshly harvested herbs and vegetables year round grown right here in Georgia.

Delivery Service

We have temperature controlled trucks able to provide direct store delivery with freshness.

Experienced Staff

Since day one, we work to provide an excellent customer service and the best quality produce. Our Support team is capable to help you with your needs.

Our Network